Steam Creams and Oils!

Get Coachella ready with our favorite travel kit!

TreePeople X Harper Salon

We are really excited to announce our partnership with TreePeople for the month of April and May. With the purchase of one cactus, you are donating $25 towards planting a tree with TreePeople. Gift someone this unique present or keep it for yourself. Either way you are reducing your carbon footprint. To learn more about planting trees and saving our planet visit

Harper Tips and Tricks on Thursdays!

Every Thursday we come up with Tips and Tricks especially designed for you, to make your Hair life easier!

Are your bobby pins not secure enough? Maybe you are pinning them the wrong way? Wavy side down, straight side up!

Chayann Benedict X Harper Salon

Help us celebrate the launch of our newest Pop-Up! Chayann Benedict is an LA based designer known for her saturated colors, intense blues, greens and yellows. Her line includes denim, leather and suede offerings, silk dresses, tops and bottoms as well as locally milled knit T-shirts. All her pieces are 100% respectfully made in the USA. Proceeds will benefit Surfrider. A foundation dedicated to protect our beaches.

Harper Salon is partnering up with TOM'S!

Join us on Saturday November 7th 7:00pm-9:00pm as we celebrate the launch of TOM's at Harper Salon. Shop our new Pop-Up, enjoy live tunes, empanadas, beer and wine and experience a TOM'S virtual reality giving trip. A portion of proceeds will go to International Medical Corps in efforts to help Syrian refugees.

Harper Salon is Green Circle certified!

Green Circle Salons is a growing network of eco-conscious salons across The United States and Canada that share the same goal for the hair and beauty industry: To become 100% sustainable for a greener planet. As an industry with roughly 250,000 salons in the United States we create 421,000 lbs. of waste per day.

Through our partnership with Green Circle we are creating accountability by putting an end to the take-and-make-waste model that is so pervasive in our industry. We are proudly standing up and supporting a vision of a sustainable salon industry by 2020.

As a Green Circle certified salon, we ensure that between 85-95% of all our salon waste is managed in an environmentally responsible way. 

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Going Grey…?

Whatever you do, don't plug. We know it's tempting, especially if there's only one or two but it can damage the hair follicle and the strand will never grow back. Our hair naturally thins when we get older and you might want to hold on to it even if it's grey. Grey hair is perfectly healthy hair, it just doesn't have any pigment left.

Embrace your curls!

An easy trick to keep your curls looking bouncy is to use a t-shirt instead of a towel and pat your hair dry after shampooing. That way your cuticle isn't getting roughed up and your curls won't be frizzy!

Beachy Hair in 3 Minutes? No Problem!

Do you like beachy and wavy hair but don't want to fuzz with a curling-iron in the morning? Try putting your hair in a twisted bun on each side of your head (or a few buns at your nape) and secure with a few pins before going to bed. Note: The more buns, the wavier the hair. Release the pins in the morning, shake it out and finish with Oribe Apres Beach Spray.

Harper Salon x TopShop x Children Of The Night

We partnered up with TopShop for a 3 month exclusive personal shopping Pop-up store at Harper Salon.                                                 Come and shop with us!                                                                                  10% of all proceeds will benefit Children Of the Night.

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