Harper Tips and Tricks!

STOP flyaway hair! 

Spray Static Guard on your brush or smooth an antistatic dryer sheet along your head. It works every time! 


Harper Tips and Tricks!

The easiest way to polish up...

Apply nail polish starting at the pinky ,moving towards the thumb to avoid dragging your hand across wet nails. 

Our personal favorite is Smith and Cult.


Harper Tips and Tricks!

Let's not forget about the boys...

For many men hair thins out as they hit their thirties or forties. Switch to more matte styling products. It gives the illusion of more volume and makes hair appear thicker. We really like Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Paste.

Harper Tips and Tricks!

How to never have a bad hair day again!

Are you in a tizzy and don't have time to shampoo your hair and your Dry Shampoo isn't doing the trick anymore? Then just scarf it!

Take a long scarf, twist it a few times and tie the ends together. Then wrap it around your head as many times as it fits and pull out some of the hair in-between.

Harper Tips and Tricks!

How to get the perfect ponytail every time!

1. For a sleek and bump free pony, blow dry your hair back. You can add a little leave-in conditioner or water to dry hair and then start to blow dry. This should not take longer than 2-3 minutes.

2. Tilt your head back before securing the elastic. This will ensure you won't have droopy hair in your nape area.

3. Lastly, try a hair bungee rather than a regular elastic. Your hair won't get tangled and it will give you a cleaner look. To hide the bungee, take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around. Secure with a bobby pin.

Harper Tips and Tricks!

It's normal to loose up to 100 hairs daily. That number can easily add up if you don't brush your hair every day. So before you run to buy supplements, be assured that most likely nothing out of the ordinary is happening. If you are still worried, we recommend talking to your physician before getting started on a regime. Hair loss can be the result of multiple causes.

Harper Tips and Tricks!

This may be one of the most important tips we have to share. For shiny hair without frizz, pat your hair dry instead of rubbing with a towel. If you start today, in 3-4 months your hair will be smooth like never before!

Harper Tips and Tricks!

Love Braids?

Here are a few things that make it a lot easier to braid your own hair.

  • Try braiding your hair when its damp. It's a lot easier, especially if your hair is layered.
  • Braid your hair when it's not clean.
  • Use wax to keep your strands together before you start

Harper Tips and Tricks!

For the curly girls.

Use a t-shirt instead of a towel and pat your hair dry after shampooing. It won't rough up the cuticle and it'll keep your curls in place.